Reaper in mountains region anyone?

Have played two reapers in Farmlands and now trying Mountains, but am struggling to lift the region level and score. Any suggestions? Thanks

There is nothing unusual about it - just destroy machines, don’t engage Rivals, and when fighting Harvesters - wait until he stops calling in reinforcements before destroying him.


St.Maria Church
North Klinte and stay close to the north border
Mudskudden sometimes has enemies inside it ( 2 storage sites )
You’ll also get the hunters in the locked doors either side, plus ticks

Heading straight out of Mudskudden (post safe house load ) you will get a few out of the tunnel and under the broken bridge especially NW

Mudskudden Logement seems to spawn a good machine pull post safe house load.

As a rule of thumb, any area that’s a bit choppy on machines - I always destroy anything I can to try and attract any machines in the area. Like @0L0 mentioned - milk the harvesters until they have stopped calling in backup.

Since the update, the Harvester call in has dropped considerably making region boosting a lot more difficult for the lower regions, so let the seekers honk away for a minute before taking them out.

Remember every machine counts. If your struggling, fast travel out of area - save. Restart game, fast travel back to Mountains region and repeat.