Reaper Kill Compelation



That last one was a great kill.:sunglasses:


Yeah man, it’s all the same battle - but man if you time the shot the propane ignites.

Gonna try a few next few weeks.


Are you saying it’s possible to ignite the Reaper’s gas cloud before he detonates the thermobaric attack? :slight_smile:


Yeah man, did you not watch the end of the video?


Yes I did. I just thought the last grenades hit him at the same time as he self-detonated, by coincidence.


No it ignites hence the ridiculous mushroom cloud.

If you look earlier - you see when I’m on the rock - there’s a split second where he powers down, shields go down - then the propane booms. It’s a small window - but it can be done.


Allright. I’ve only killed 1 Reaper, since I’m currently playing another game. I got the impression that the Reaper always goes out by self-destructing with a thermobaric attack. At least I shot at his components until he finally unleashed 1 final thermo, that killed himself as well. I may be wrong of course.