Reaper moved out its main island region onto island Himfjäll

Platform: PC

Description: I had a reaper on the main island. Then the reaper teleported onto the DLC island, I have no acces to the DLC island

Steps To Reproduce: Not sure what happened, but all I did was logging off one day, logging on the next and ever since then the Reaper is on the DLC island

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: playing solo

I have Reaper which wont move out its spawn place, stays in radius of 200m of the spawn spot.
Wasted 5 comm lures trying to get it better position.

the damaged farmland reaper got scared of me he went on a lvl 14 region :sueur_sourire:

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My farmland reaper moved to the island to join up with his apocalypse class friends

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