Reaper only drops exp pvg

So I’ve killed the reaper 10 or so times now and all I can get is exp pvg any fixes?

I guess just keep going at it. My bet is just really unlucky RNG. I myself have gotten all the different exp’s from the reaper, except the kvm.

Yeah I got the exp rpg, pistol, shotgun from the reaper then he started only dropping the exp pvg and its alot of work getting him to spawn just to use all my ammo for the same weapon🤦‍♂️

So, you do get other experimental weapons from the reaper, other than 6* .50 cal?

Here, and as said above, just keep at it and eventually your loot changes.

I got my exp Pvg from a lvl 3 FNIX harvester rival the other day. I don’t even start bothering with the reaper since the exclusive items for it are ludicrous.

It’s Diablo II’s Diablo-farming all over again. Although Diablo was easier to beat and trigger :crazy_face:

I just killed the reaper twice.

It dropped the FOA helmet twice. Yeah. thanks.

Obviously something wrong with the RNG on that thing.