Reaper spawn seems bug (PC)

I have slayed so many robots, almost to the point I can call it robotic genocide. Region has been lvl 25 for a while, capped the score to 21981 it seems and still can’t get it to spawn tried on other region after 21 still no spawn. I have under 5 or 6 rivals on each region so I know on this part is fine. So… am I doing anything wrong or its bug?

Does not seem like you are doing anything wrong to me. What about leaving 7 rivals , in my experience ( limited for sure) it has only spawned as the 8th rival.

Oh ok I will try this 8th rival thing. Hope it will work

Am I right in assuming the 7 have to be in the same region? I have lots of rivals but not localized and I still haven’t seen a Reaper.

I read about that but me they always stay in their region. As far as I know it does not matter if they move to another region. They will still be part of their spawned region.

The Rivals are always part of the region that spawned them. It is in their profile. I have a hunter who some how swam the channel from the island and in the forest region but it still reads as rival from Himfall. I f you were on PS4 I would invite you you to come help kill thr current reaper I have in the farmlands

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I will gladly help you and can absolutely give something for the effort.

My reaper is stucked under the map so it’s impossible to kill it, it all stared after the update, I had maximum rivals in all regions, after the update the all moved to different regions, had 15 on Himmelffjäll island, but only 14 visible on the map, killed them all in the stats still say that I have one active rival.

Farmlands is even worse, me and my friend killed 12 rivals and still got 9 visible rivals.

Seems that the game mixed all the rivals completely, two prototype tank counted as apoc harvesters in the challenge log.

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Yes, granted - the rivals have all teleported around the map.

I also had the Reaper spawn under the ground, but a simple character switch and hard restart sorted it.

In terms of your Reaper issues - I’ve found it’s a lot more consistent if you stay in the same region and build on that.

At Level 25, at 21981 XP, with 7 rivals will spawn a Reaper after circa 300 - 500 XP

I have 2 region lvl 25 with 7 rival still reapers wont spawn but regular rivals will. Im starting to loose hope.

I had similar “lag” in my game - couldn’t spawn it for 2 days. But today one showed up, so keep turning those machines to scrap :slight_smile:

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Well this is it after a week. I finally decided to give up on that reaper crap. After 5 area lvl 25 and 7 rivals lvl 4, it just won’t spawn. There is definitely a bug or something else. My brain can’t take it anymore.

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Wow , should have spawned sorry to hear that.

The Reaper counts as a Rival; it will only spawn if there’s room. If you’ve maxed the number of Rivals in a Region, it won’t spawn. Kill some Rivals.

I hope they change this mechanic sooner rather than later, as I’m quite annoyed by the fact I now have to avoid killing rivals, and instead slowly grind my regions scores by killing the critters, then kill a rival hoping the region score doesn’t drop to low, then kill some more critters again hoping that not yet another rival will spawn again.

I honestly don’t get what the devs were thinking when they implemented this mechanic.


^^ THIS !!

It’s a totally odd mechanic and if one is unlucky a Rival spawns instead of the Reaper, sometimes more than one in a row and instead of levelling up a region you heavily decrease the score…

Btw is there any spreadsheet around that shows the impact of a Rival kill on the region score by type/class/level ?

You’re not alone in that, I agree the system needs to be better. Not the topic of the thread, though.
Better suited for #feedback-feature-requests.