Reaper spawns and rivals

Hello, Im ashamed I have not killed the reaper much on my own twice in multiplayer and once on my own with a friend helping but I have not really an idea how to make it spawn I have not followed that very much on how rival levels island levels work if i see tanks rivals harvesters etc i just go kill em lol Can you please let me know and explain how reapers spawn and what i should do exactly and stuff this would be very helpful and appreciated.
Thank you for your time and help !! :slight_smile:

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Region needs to be level 21+ and less than 8 rivals in the same region. Max number of rivals in a region is 8, reaper is considered a rival so it needs to be less than 8 rivals to make room for a reaper. The region levels up with more region points, you gain region points by destroying machines. You lose region points when destroying rivals, reapers and bases. But as long as you have less than 8 rivals and 21+ region level then a reaper/rival spawn will happen after a timer in the region expires. Things on the map will return when the timer expires and that is also when the spawn cycle is reset.

I personally like to have my regions 21+ and no rivals in my regions. This seems to cause the region to spawn more machines to turn into rivals and so a lot of machines to destroy, which helps keep the region level high. Sometimes a region will spawn back-to-back reapers if the region level is high enough and not to many rivals in a region.


Ok thank you so much this has helped go get em fellow gen zeer … we stand strong for OSTERTORN!!! even here in CANADA lol