Reaper Tips and Advice

How would you guys compare the Reaper (accuracy, missile speed, etc) to an April 2020 Tank? I’ve been finishing up another game, and I haven’t had a chance to put some good hours into GZ to get a Reaper to appear. So far, I am enjoying what I read about it. :grimacing: I don’t want to watch any of the videos on it so as to not spoil it for myself.

I would say it’s about a bit less than an April Apoc tank in my opinion. It is a great fight Enjoy it!

3 Reapers down playing solo. I died about three times for each one. The rocket runners are the things that get me. 3 parts of the suit which, I assume is just a fashion accessory as I cannot see that it adds any value. Not that impressed with the quality of the loot that has dropped so far.

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Did you actually kill it or did it suicide? If it suicides you get worse loot

Ahh. Is this when it is so damaged that if it uses the gas explosion weapon it dies as well?

Is that confirmed ? Didn’t hear about that until now ?

It’s confirmed I have tried it during a reaper session I killed 3 reapers, 2 suicides and 1 I kill, the kill gives more loot. Also I think they said it on last week’s stream at some point

Ah Ok, thx.
Well that’s another odd mechanic then, because one has nearly no chance to prevent the Reaper from “committing suicide” with it’s last blast and kill it in advance during that short period of preparation time, I guess.

Well, dung. Soloing on Guerilla makes good loot a moot point?

Just took down the reaper for the first time. It sucked!
First off I play solo and I’m maxed at 31lvl.
Second I set the difficulty down to the easiest setting right after he spawned.

I went into the fight with all armor piercing ammo for my AG5(gold), HP5(Gold), and PVM(Purple). I had over 5000 rounds on me. I don’t have any experimental weapons as they never drop for me.
He spawned in the farmlands near the large airport, and I was able to take out his shield points with my PVM90 from range without issues. Next I lured him to the airport where I used the large hanger closest to the safehouse to run in and out of and around to hit him constantly. I was firing into his MG and rocket pod the entire time from point blank most times and there was not one BLUE spark from hitting a weapon component the whole time. After about 30 minutes and most of the 5000 armor piercing rounds, he committed suicide and I was denied any special loot except for a pair of pants. At no point did he lose either weapon. Point blank, 5000 rounds armor piercing ammo, only aiming at the weapons. Destroyed the tick tank from stray shots but no weapons seemingly damaged. Eventually he just dropped low enough from total damage taken to kill himself. WTF!?

@MarsGodOfWar It’s a special feature with the Reaper. You can’t shoot off his weapons! You can shoot the weapons as long as they spark blue, then you’re damaging him. After that you need to switch where you’re shooting, to another point with blue sparks. Point by point you need to destroy all of his components. The Reaper would be a joke if you could just pick off his weapons like on a normal tank. Also, his final suicide thermobaric is just his last attempt at killing you. You are still the one who killed him!
So no, The Reaper does not suck, you did it wrong… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


1st, any hit anywhere do damage;
2nd, I didn’t see any blue sparks on any tank’s machinegun, yet counts as overall damage and can be shoot off. As said earlier - Reaper is special case and it seems to that MG’s health is higher than entity’s overall health pool.

Allright, you’re probably correct. :slight_smile:
My thought was to at least switch between targeted components, to make the most out of each shot.

Has this been tested along side the current loot glitch?

I would like to see such a kill on video, to see how it is done without getting a suicide-kill.


Managed it once in 4 Reaper kills, but didn’t seem to offer ‘more’ loot. Sometimes it has more sometimes it is worse than a normal tank kill lol.

I guess it’s hard if possible to do that alone. It indeed needs sustained fire from exp. Pvg90 to destroy it before it raises shields for that thermobarric attack. In “adventure” - highly likely if there full party. If Guerilla - with guns alone nigh-impossible, probably needs pile of canisters, big enough to fell FNIX or even Apoc Tank (didn’t tested yet, but Reaper’s extremely short attention span surely can help).

Is that confirmed?
My first reaper that I took down gave me absolutely nothing interesting, no exp weapons, no clothes, a bunch of regular “garbage” ammo and helth packs, my seconded and third died by suicide and a got a full set of clothes and a bunch of exp weapons, the following two killed reapers gave decent “normal” loot.

@AliasDJA @Admiralgamer @Gysbert @Fishgranpha
I think the loot is random guys.
My first Reaper “kill” was a Suicide, and I remember what i got, lots of ammo,advanced medkit part of the FOA suit and an experimental AG4 ( I even commented about it Here 15 days ago).
I had 2 other “suicide kills”, one of them I did not get any weapon, the other I did get one.
And I had 3 other “normal kills” 1 of them I did not get any weapon.
So I would say it´s random, but that the chance to drop better loot and a Weapon from a “Suicide kill” is lower than from a normal kill.


Random is consistent with the other Rivals, and would be as expected. I don’t pick up duplicates of exp. weapons. I have the FOA-suit and Experimental hammer, so that’s good enough for me.

Edit: What I mean to say is that for me the loot that the reaper gives is no longer really important for I have most of the weapons I want, and because of that I will probably will not try to beat them once more. Or it must be that, the reaper would indeed have new interesting things worth getting in its loot. Or if a challenge or Achievement is added that has to do with beating the reaper.

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