Reaper Won’t Spawn

Hello! I need some help. The Reaper won’t spawn in my game. I’ve tried with the North Coast Region with the maximum Level, but no Reaper, I tried in Farmlands Region, but again no Reaper. Before I started a new game in 2022, farming the Reaper was very easy, but now, it’s like it doesn’t exist.

In Farmlands I got over 15000 score and 23 level. I had a free slote for the Reaper, but every time, another Rival takes it.

I really want to farm the Reaper, to get the Exosuit set, the Yellow Motorbike and a lot of cool stuff.

Anyone here has the same problem?

If a region already have 8 rivals the reaper wont spawn.

I know that, but I had 7 Rivals, and Reaper didn’t spawn. Every time another Rival equip that slote.

Oh sorry, just saw your print screen and assumed.

What system are you playing on?

I play on PC - Steam and have not had any problems of course the reaper is not always spawning as the 8 rival in the region even when I have the threat level maxed out but most of the times.

First time I player on PS4, but now I play on PS5.

Bad luck, I guess.
Try to kill hunter rivals or low level rivals first to reduce their amount. If necessary, farm other machines to increase the region level again.

The 8th slot isn’t reserved for reapers. It may come earlier, as long as your region level is high enough (>21). On the other hand, it is still just a chance.

Sometimes it’s bad luck, sometimes fortune. I sometimes even had three reapers in a row, but I must admit that I don’t hunt them usually. In general it was once a week that me and a friend hunted the reaper and after destruction another one spawned… Then the next week the same procedure.

For more info read here:

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I did this. I had a Prototype Hunter and I killed it to reduce the score and level, but then a Wolf became Rival.

You could try to kill a tank rival. I’ve noticed that if I kill a hunter then there is bigger probability of a new rival spawning. But if the rival I kill is a tank then there is higher probability of a Reaper. I’m not saying that this is a fact. But the feeling for me and based on my experience is that it gives a bigger probability.

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Thanks, I will try. I hope this will work. I have a 4 level Apoc Tank Rival

Good to know my farmlands are in danger at 22.
Distant screaming

After hitting level 21 on a region, every rival spawned has a **chance** to be the Reaper. This chance increases with every further region level, peaking at the current maximum level of 25.

I thought the same thing was happening to me, but it turns out there was a Reaper in a different zone that apparently spawned when I was doing one of the weekly missions in the North Coast Zone after I had to fight off a Rival.

I keep 3 regions at ZERO rivals but 21+ region levels. I keep 3 more regions at 21+ levels but have 3- level 4 rivals in each region. Because I keep track of how long I play on the map and stay in each region, I can jump from one region to another and after a few machines are destroyed, get the rival/reaper spawn. If it is a region that also has control points then after the reaper/rival spawn there is as base spawn also. I destroy the base and then go after the rival/reaper. While waiting for the base to spawn in regions that have the control points, I destroy as many machines as I can find to keep the region above the 21+ levels.

This is a lot of fun to hunt reapers but destroy a lot of machines to do so but in a single game play, could encounter a lot of reapers in a short amount of time as a co-op host. I also have to spend free time playing solo to prep some regions that the timer was thrown off by players hunting in the wrong regions and causes a spawn to get out of sync and the region drops far below the 21+ levels.