Rebalance clothing types


I’ve said this before in other posts: it is SO bloody frustrating, that when you enter a MILITARY post (be it a bunker, airfield , cardboard box, or headquarter), one finds like 80% CIVILIAN clothing over Military uniforms.
This is just wrong, and I would like to request to change this to more realistic numbers.
80% military would be far more reasonable than the way around.
Opening a chest in a military complex, to find PUNK clothing no less (seeing Punk is ANTI-establishment and Army) just is totally silly.

Thank you.

PS: I speak of clothing, and nothing but clothing, thus I am not pointing to ammo, weapons and/or other things.


Don’t you love fighting tanks wearing fire resistant punk pants or punk skirt? :wink:


NO, they make me jealous.
I!!! want them uniforms, dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Once again, I would like to plea for this.

I would like to suggest the next idea:
Black Military Tactical Combat Outfit:

Yes, these are fairly modern, I agree.
But these, again, are examples, nothing more.
It can fairly easily be “unmodernified”, style wise…