Rebalance the Hunter railgun vs solid cover

The hunter railgun can take most of my health points in a single shot when fired through an entire warehouse full of stored goods. :astonished: I mean, wth? Calm down like. Ok, so nvm the tin walls but content too? Full shipment containers provide almost no cover at all either. Sure, a near hit is going to have an explosive impact and, tbh, a direct hit should be an instafrag but to be accurately hit and almost killed through thick cover is taking the mickey, don’t you think? :wink:

ON POINT! This is the biggest problem I have in this game. Hunters (50cal) I call it a laser. It has an insane unfair radius that kills through any building resulting a on-hit kill! Would love to play the game in a realistic stealth mode and avoid deaths . Dying is much too common now. Also the smaller machines morphing in buildings. I can somewhat tolerate that. The hunters are just too powerful. -k

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I don’t like them, too.

Most times I can dodge their shots.
If I know their position and see their targeting laser, they aren’t a great problem.

But if I’m in close combat with a bunch of hunters, run away from the gas, dodge their bullets and melee-attacks, there is always at least one hunter with the exp pvg or an apoc hunter with its grenades that hits me.

That’s ok in general. Why should a sniper-hunter not be able to hit its target? It’s also ok if the shots are able to penetrate walls/your cover, as the exp pvg shots through their armor, too… It’s the caliber and the high velocity of its projectiles.

But the indirect hits deal just too much damage. For direct hits it’s ok for me to lose 90 healthpoints, even through cover, but there should not be these indirect hits. I have never dealt as much damage to a seeker (or others) when shooting just next to it with the exp pvg.

More things about hunters I don’t like:

The gas grenades… A topic that is talked about much. Gas should not stay just where the grenade explodes and it should not just have a radius where walls don’t matter.
I had many fights against hordes of hunters where I tried to find cover in a house but had no chance because the gas, which exploded outside, was everywhere. Inside.

The flamethrowers shoot pretty far. Well, real flamethrowers can shoot over 20-30 meters, too, but they can’t flame through walls or other obstacles as if they were not there. And in my eyes the change of the flaming-direction, if you try to run away, is much to fast.

The exp Shotgun shots of the fnix class hunters are great shit. Not because they are OP or something else… No, it’s vice versa. The fnix hunters are too bad. I would expect, that they are stronger and deadlier than the military class hunters. But, except the ones with the exp pvg on top, they are even less deadlier than military runners or prototype hunters with automatic rifles in my eyes…

→ You hear them targeting and loading and have no problem to dodge the shots. And the reload-time is too long. They need a buff.