Rebind keys/zoom button

bonjour, je suis francais donc j’écris en francais. il y a un gros BUG dans le jeu concernant la touche pour zoomer que j’aimerai attribuer sur la touche E et cela ne marche pas.

la touche Y pour sauter BUG aussi.

la touche molette de la souris pour sauter vers le haut ne marche pas non plus.

merci à vous de résoudre ces gros bug vraiment injouable et qui devraient être configurable comme nous le souhaitons


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there is a big BUG in the game regarding the zoom button that I would like to assign to the E button and it does not work.

the Y key to skip BUG too.

the mouse wheel button to jump up does not work either.

thank you to you to solve these big bug really unplayable and which should be configurable as we wish

Ah, I see. I actually pointed this out to the devs a while ago during a stream and I believe that they are aware of it so I’ll tag the topic. I want to aim with spacebar.

no, i want to aim with E

Out of curiosity, what function do you guys use/want on RMB instead of AIM?

Space, Q and E (and probably a few more) are not able to be rebound to AIM ingame at this moment. Your character tries to go ADS but it stops early and then youre stuck in a jerky loop trying to go ADS until you release the button.
What worked ingame was, moving reload to E and AIM to R, if thats workable for you I dont know.

I had no problems binding <, G, X, Alt, Ctrl or Enter to AIM.

I have a physical handicap and it’s easier for me to aim with E. on right click I put melee hit or nothing

@Flick or someone else more versed in this can perhaps assist you with a custom keymap to put in the game folder that can change the current hardcoded buttons, I have not delved into that yet myself.
Do you use any custom keyboard software for example logitech G, razer synapse or steelseries engine?
Until this is fixed by the devs you could probably also use a keyboard remapper program such as Sharpkeys to switch your E key to lets say P and then remap P to AIM ingame.
You press E and the keyboard acts as if P was pushed and the game recognizes it as AIM. Perhaps that way it will work? not ideal at all but it could work.
This is all just me thinking outloud, I have not tested this Sharpkey method.

thanks for your help, I’m going to look at your idea while waiting for the developers to fix these bugs.

I get what you’re saying, don’t worry. I do agree that all keys need to be remappable.