Rebuild Masskar

I was wandering around looking for the weapons in Masskar when I became burdened enough to lose sprinting. This made me wonder why there isn’t a recycle station (operating or not) in such a large camp. That got me to thinking, why not have a quest line to rebuild Masskar?

It’s so easy to gather materials I find myself dropping 30 to 40 lbs of stuff just to make sure I don’t overfill the recycle station. These could be used to rebuild Masskar, make improvements, have options for designs and materials. There could also be defense missions like with control points, but they happen without player activation. This could cause building to be damaged and need of being repaired again.

The better put together the camp then, maybe more NPCs show up to seek shelter and possibly have small fetch, escort, rival hunt quests that either give rewards or new options for camp stuff.

What other ideas or thoughts do purple have on this?