Recent Offline Crashes?

Anyone else experiencing endless OFFLINE crashing? Monday the 20th at 5pm CT, 3 crashes offline in 45 minutes. 3 different areas, 3 separate game restarts. I gave up. Tuesday the 21st, same time 5pm CT, 2 more crashes by 5:30. Today I attempted to play at 8am CT this morning, same issue 3 crashes by 9am. In 3 days, I’ve managed to kill 3 runners and a single hunter. Everything else I’ve approached has forced a game crash. Does anybody know if we’re having issues with the base game engine or a server problem? The game is completely unplayable and it’s breaking my heart. All I wanna do is play, has anyone heard anything about the update or what’s happening with our servers? This is something that will indefinitely drive me away from this game and that’s the last thing I want, I love this game. Any help is appreciated

There are no real servers, afaIk and those crashes might be related to the buggy rival spawn at the moment, or better said since the last update that everyone has to deal with.

The dev’s are aware of the endless crashes and a monthly update is next week so :crossed_fingers: there is a fix to the crashes, i want to get back to tank killing


This is a known issue. Please search before you create a new topic.

As @Hardcorewolf7 says, the monthly update is just around the corner. There’ll hopefully be some solutions to the issues we’ve been having then.