Recover from death spiral - hope for a beginner



I play with the game on XBox and I really like the controller. The problem is that my aim is much worse comparing with mouse + keyboard. Therefore I am more inefficient regarding the usage of ammo.

So here is this fantastic game where if I die, I will re-spawn in a safe house. I really like the idea. I also noticed that not only me re-spawning but the enemy also. That is fine.

I started to discover the surroundings of the starting place (house, church, couple of buildings) and I consumed all available ammo due to couple of bad fight.

I didn’t do too much progress so I could re-start the character but it is a bit worrying me that it might happen later so I am asking a suggestion what I can do if my pockets and nearby buildings are empty…

Shall I try to sneak to a not visited house to get some supply? Maybe, but I cannot fight if I am discovered.

One possible solution could be if not only the enemy does re-spawn but some supply also.

Anyway, for me the re-start is the most feasible solution. Any other idea?

I’ve created a new character but all weapons and supplies disappeared. I cannot pick up anything.

It could be a bug but now I cannot play with the game due to the missing weapons.


There’s a four-hour timer that counts only time in-game for loot respawns. It’s not too bad once you’re significantly further into the game and have unlocked a handful of bunkers you can rotate between to restock, but it’s pretty brutal early on. The devs added it because people were re-logging to stockpile supplies, which supposedly has a negative impact on game balance in a game where there’s no PvP.

As far as the new character thing, for some reason the developers thought that having a shared world and missions would be a better solution than giving you a proper option to respec skills. In short, all of your characters share the same world, including missions, loot respawns, and (most) enemies.


Stealth and ammo consevation is important, use the flares as a distraction and the red fuel canisters to take out multiple enemies.

Or by simply shooting the fuel canister on the runners ”dogs” back for maximum damage.

The ticks is not worth fighting, better to aggro them and run around until they explode.

There is a klaucke 17 atop the kiosk opposite the first house.

The 12g shotgun can be found in the church.

The Meusser Rifle can be found in multiple locations. (There is a car halfway to the church with a mission to find one.)

When you find a scope use up on the d-pad to zoom.


I’d argue that this is only true once you get past about level 5. 8XP prior to that is worth a single round from a handgun, just aim down the sights and walk backwards as you aim and they’re generally pretty easy to hit.


I died a lot early on trying to fight doggies in the open. My favoured tactic now is to sneak around the map, unlocking locations and picking up XP that way. I avoid stand up fights with anything bigger than a doggie unless I am cornered or the enemy gets themselves stuck into the scenery somewhere. Generally the only targets I make an effort for are the relay beacons which net you a nice juicy stack of XP and some of the army campsite scenes early in the game where taking out 4x doggies and maybe 1x walker will get you some great loot. There is a relay beacon and a small military camp in the same stubble field SW of Seggesta and NE of Hastvik on the second island which can give you a nice haul for a days work.

When I do pick fights I usually snipe with the 4x-8x scope on the hunting rifle and if the machines rush me, hide behind a rock with shotgun ready. I rarely use decoys like flares unless I’m running away. Before I take up a sniping position to begin my attack I will often recon the ground all around the target for up to 1 hour (yes, 1 HOUR) beforehand. Finding the perfect position beyond terrain the machines cannot cross (water, steep rocks) will save you many first aid kits. Placing one gas bottle out front on each flank where you have a good sniper shot to them is a nice easy way to destroy doggies that try to rush around to flank you.

I ALWAYS pick a spot with a covered escape route as well, usually over the brow of a hill and into wooded terrain.

I find the coasts are the best way to cover ground quickly unseen, the machines rarely go near the rocky coastline. I try to use fast travel as little as possible since I enjoy the immersion of the survival-travelling mood of the game.

There is no set winning tactic, some like to rush in all guns blazing, others like me prefer a stealthy approach. Both work and a mix of stealth and gung-ho ness works too. Just avoid engaging the machines at medium ranges in the open with no covered escape route, that’s a no-no.

Fighting from inside houses or garages/sheds is fun too, but a bit unfair as the machine AI really can’t cope with a player who fires out of one small opening like a door.


I took a lot of beating in the beginning and almost gave up the game a few times. As single player I try to get a vantage position inside a building. It seems that the machines can’t hit you if their weapons are not in direct line of sight. A hunter or even a tank can be remarkably easy to take out, provided you have amble ammo and good cover. I loot all vehicles, sheds, garages, etc. It might only reward you with a few bullets, but it all counts. If I find myself in a tough fight, I run. You might have to run for a while, but usually you escape. And then I try to take out runners one at a time. And remember to stock and use the health packs. And don’t be too scared to die and respawn. It only hurts ones pride :wink:


I can advice getting the scavenger perk for more ammo drops to negate your extra ammo usage o7