Recycle Station storage

Ever wonder why they added a max capacity of 1600 max upgrade weight limit for the storage box, but not for the Recycling Station? It would definitely be useful if they add more upgrades to the Recycling Station just like what they did with the storage box… It will help with not just dropping useful stuff like valuable scrap…

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Oh my god.
You should definitly drop some of the stuff.
It isn’t useful, if it just lies in a box.

Not too long ago they still reduced the weight of each ressource to about 10% of the previous weights.

So if you previously had a full box with 500kg, you now had about 450kg free space.

But that’s what I always said: getting more let some users just wanting even more.

Hmmm you may have a point there…

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People cant manage their stuff effectively.

It makes sense to enlarge the recycle station rather than the locker. Why? Because instead of stock piling weapons and ammo you don’t use just recycle everything that you don’t use so you can craft more of what you do use.

Sometimes I think common sense is not used enough and so it is becoming extinct.

I do agree with your statement, and that’s what I was exactly thinking as well, like some people say just drop your stuff you don’t use, I just like collecting but still… Instead of just updating the max Storage/locker capacity why not upgrade the Recycling Station storage capacity as well to 1600? Or at least 1000 right? I mean I have so many useful things I can scrap to use for other things, like other types of ammo and gear.

I think 1600 is enough :crazy_face: anything more, will just result in things being stored away & never being used, & un-organized plundra boxes

Yeah I already know, but not the Recycling station…

Hasn’t that been the case since the beginning?
There were often just a hand full of items or ressources I really used frequently. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but never all of what I stored.

There were always these days where I had too much of something. So if my storage was full, either plundra or recycling station, I picked something and reduced the amount by recycling or dropping the half of it.

Well, that wouldn’t have been necessary if I had more space… At least for a longer period of time… But in the end I still would reach a limit and would then manage my stuff to reduce some items to open up space for something else that I need more.

You are never going to need more explosive than steel. And without doubt you have millions of plastic that is a complete waste of space. I make stuff all the time and never need more than 4,000 of anything.

Mostly now, I don’t even loot anything short of a Hunter and then only because they carry weapons to recycle. Wood, I have to look out for.

I believe if some augmentations requirements would be lower we would never need a bigger Recycling Station storage.

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It did feel odd that the Plundra (where you store gear to be used later) got increased but the Recycler (where you dispose of stuff you have excess of or never plan to use) was left alone.

It should’ve been the other way around, and that would’ve reduced excess storage by 50% due to recycling inefficiency.