Red room soccer ball cabin and the memorial in Hmjifall

Hi so can anyone please explain some lore or some idea to me on two things lol

  1. The red room cabin it is so red with lights and a fancy chir curtain etc what is this place exactly and whats the meaning behind it?
  2. The cabin with ALL the soccer balls theres so many and inside different rooms its just covered in soccerballs. Why lol
  3. If memory is right not 100 % sure theres a memorial shrine type thingy (I think in Hmjifall) but i remeber a candle a bike and a dog photo it looked like a real dog photo…im guessing that could be one of the devs dogs maybe and the dog is a nod or it passed away so a memorial ??
    Any ideas out there THANKS :smiley:

The red light building(s) is likely an Easter egg referring to the Twin Peaks red room. (edited)

This was just something a dev came up with when he was asked to create a special setpiece. It had no deeper meaning

There is a memorial on Himfjäll, but it’s a photo of a dev surrounded by group of candles. I believe it is a tribute to this dev leaving the company, but I can be wrong.
I can really say I have seen candle + a dog photo and a bike in one scene. But there’s a Dog photo in IGA, in Hagaboda, in Klinte and in at least 3 other places. Some of the photo’s are of the same dog.

I even vaguely remember seeing a dalmatier, but never was able to find it again


Sorry to pick on you @Gysbert
The red room is from the tv-series Twin Peaks (1990). :blush:


You are right, glad you picked on me. I edited my post. :coffee: