Reearn experience Points


Hello everyone,
my latest experiance with Generation Zero showed me ones again, that it would be nice to have a Medpen or something like the Adrenalinepen to reearn one selected experience point per pen to korrekt your skilltree without deleteing you charakter.

Just a simple example:


So, in a nutshell, your idea is to introduce “skill point pen” which once consumed, gives you one, free skill point? :thinking:


I interpreted it as an item which would allow you to reallocate a skill point.


Yes correct not to give additional points, just take existing points back to reassigne them.
To say it as easy as possible: you will get “1 Resetpoint” per “Restet-Pen”


I feel this is something you should earn as appose to pick up


As long as it isn’t place-able object that you can put in your Plundra (to avoid item duplication), one-time reward from completing specific challenge could be viable option for it.


Or maybe we will see a shop of sorts for prestige points? Talk to a resistance member who is a sorta trader and he offers you parts and mods for doing things like getting him some scrap metal etc you could also trade prestige points for special items


Good idea but this would need it’s own, separate topic, where to discuss it. Discussing it in here = topic hijacking and latter is against forum rules.


Ok sure ill make a new one