Refund everyone and put the game back in beta testing!

I’m going to start out by saying, I love this game, and the entire idea around it. The robots are very cool, and the game can be very intense (especially solo). That being said, after reading and submitting several bugs, and then continuing to find more and more, I’m getting to the point where I don’t see a point in even playing it anymore until these bugs get fixed. There’s numerous missions that halt progression due to a silly bug, where even a simple mission restart option would be a simple fix… along with hundreds, and I mean hundreds of other annoying, game breaking bugs. This is a survival game, based on looting, yet you guys didn’t think a loot storage locker should be a day one necessity…? There also should be more to the loot system like armour you can pick up like vests and helmets etc. Also, adding in other human AI’s, who are spread around the world and have set up camps to try and survive themselves would be a welcome addition, of which you can raid them, kill them, and take their loot and take over thei camp. The crafting stations and resource stations where you can break down equipment into crafting materials is also something that needs to be in the game on day one, and due to it not, this will greatly impact the longevity of this game… I mean who’s going to replay the whole game now cause of a simple crafting addition or storage locker. To me this game seems rushed out the door, poorly beta tested, and now suffers greatly in terms of things to do and replay value. Why make a looter shooter with crafting elements be the main idea, yet not even put crafting in the game to begin with? This is ridiculous! There’s literally nothing appealing other than improving loot once you encountered the several types of robots a few times, and then it just becomes an extremely repetitive, boring game, where all the places you go look exactly the same like the houses and towns. I’ve had the game a little over a week now, and shouldn’t be feeling like this already. I’m pretty far along in the story, after dealing with a bug that stopped me from progressing altogether, and am now just downright bored of how repetitive it is… at first I was completely fine with paying $47 for the game, and understanding that every game has bugs in the beginning. But this an outrageous amount of bugs, and yet you have made the game a full release, finished product? I’m sorry but this game should be $25 and still have a damn beta tag on it… pathetic, come on guys!

I have to say, it should have perhaps still be in beta vs full release. I do love the game but it does feel unfinished. I mean, for an unfinished game it has a LOT going for it to be sure and, again, I do really enjoy it even as it is. But, while I say refunding everyone is a bit extreme maybe the beta thing should have lasted a little longer :slight_smile:

I agree with everything you say. At least let people know they’re buying an unfinished game, otherwise they’re going to have a ton of negative and angry reviews, like they already do… I will say I did know what I was getting, after watching several reviews, but I thought a lot of people were just nit picking (which some were) like some people you could tell only played like an hour or 2 and were making a review, trash talking everything acting like they played the game and experienced all it had to offer. But at the same time, I didn’t think there were this many issues with it… for it not to have an early access sticker on it is borderline criminal lol.

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