Refund or not to refund


If I get a refund for the game and later decide to buy after everything is fixed, will my game saves still be there to continue from? I can’t see the point in continuing atm if I can’t make any progress


If you just hold onto it and bide your time you basically paid for an hour or so of someone’s time who is working on fixing the game up :wink:


I unfortunately uninstalled it and deleted the save information from dissapointment from all the bugs ive encountered. Still have hope at some point things will be fixed a lot then ill start fresh. I look forward to seeing the changes i hope.


They’re coming out with a ginormous patch at some point in the next few weeks addressing a ton of bugs :slight_smile: They’ve been live in twitch for the past hour addressing questions and stuff.


Thanks ill check now.


No prob. It just just ended, but it’s worth going back and watching. Lasted just an hour but they answered a lot of really good questions.


Ya i watched some i was trying to ask questions but noticed it was ended. Ill save the videos. Did they mention anything about stats resetting after logging out or robots glitching threw houses. Big robots


Robots glitching through houses (big bois) is definitely on their list of things they are working on now, as are stats resetting. My guess is those will be fixed in the upcoming patch. They said this patch is exclusively bugs and optimization and that they have a spreadsheet/list of all the bugs that have been being reported here on the forums, on steam, and on discord.


if i returned a piece of clothing to shop and asked for a refund , i would not expect them to remember the size if i wanted to buy it again.