Refund? Please read the EULA!

Is it possible to demand a refund due to the changed EULA, even after the grace period (steam)?
Two licenses and DLC´s are no longer available to us since we simply can not accept such legal travesty…

Among other things, you give yourself the right to “remove the game” for “any reason”, does “its monday” count as a reason?

I doubt that any thinking person would willingly accept such agreement and i bet that those who have accepted the agreement did not make a informed decision…

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Two things come to my mind with EULAs:

  1. As a (potential) customer what power do you have to customize an agreement like EULA to your preferences? Usually none. Most times it’s like “sink or swim”. If you want to play the game you have to accept the ludicrousness of the EULA.
  2. Usually a EULA is phrased like it would have legal value in any country which is basically not true. There are countries with very strict customer protective rules and others almost have none. So if push comes to shove you would need legal council and probably go to court against the studio. But most people wouldn’t do this over a game so there is no verdict which can be used in such a case (at least to my knowledge).

I don’t know the wording of the original EULA but I bet Avalanche reserved rights to change the game in any way they want including removing the access to former versions.

I personally find EULAs usually very anti-consumerish (if this is even a word).

I would rather watch paint dry than to read those documents… What’s the fuss about, and what’s the worst that can happen, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:thinking: you don’t have access to a former working version of the game for example. Losing a savegame to a bug is another one.

The new patch added a double save feature to decrease your chances of having lost or corrupt data.

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I know. I got so paranoid already that I story my savegame files to another disc prior to playing the game :sweat_smile:

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understandable that game is already a pain to grind out last thing you want is to lose 5 hours of reaper farming for experimentals.:joy:

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Edited title, please avoid using all caps in a topic title.
Also, you can still request a refund from Steam if you make a good case.


So, if i get this right, you don’t like the “12. Termination” part of the new, Apex Connect EULA? :thinking:

Well, you already accepted the Termination part of it, since it is also part of the original, GZ EULA,

So, what’s all this fuss about? :roll_eyes:

That common place with almost all software out there, including OS-es. Some software may have older versions to download and to use on your own risk but bulk of them only keep the latest version live. So, nothing new there.

Ditto. :grin: Though, didn’t get paranoid but made save backup regardless (it’s my common practice after each update but before launching the game + some time in between as well).

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