Region Level reset overnight


For the last few days I’ve been farming for experimental weapons trying to get back some of the weapons that disappeared from my inventory a while back due to bugs. I’ve been exclusively on Himfyall and I worked my region level up to 20 in a few days and it all is gone overnight.

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I was working alone on “Invite Only” the first 2 nights and each day it picked up where I left off the night before and it was at level 20 but last night 3 other players joined and 12 hours later it’s level 5. Maybe it’s supposed to reset but not sure. I’ve seen it happen in the middle of a game before where a region just dropped 15 levels all at once but it was months ago.

AMD FX 9590 4.7 ghz processor
Asrock RX 570 8 gb grapics card / High game setting.
Asrock 990FX Extreme 6 motherboard
32 gb 2400 OC ram
Windows 10 PRO through Steam

If you (or anyone in your game) killed a rival then the level will drop / reset. The amount of levels it drops by depends on the level / type of rival killed.


I’ve seen it drop when I kill a rival and I was playing tonight and I killed 2 level 4 rivals and it went from level 20 to 4 so I quit. It takes a while to get to 20 and when it drops that far I just give up. Way too much of a grind. I’ll just play something else. I killed about 60 level 4 rivals in a 2 weeks trying to get the Exp KVM-59 back and no luck. They changed the game about 3 or 4 days after the May update and I’m lost.

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Since game is working as intended, it is not a bug in game. Topic closed.

Btw, if you increase in-game difficulty, there are better chances for spawning a rival than on lower difficulties.

For example: for me, on Guerilla difficulty, the 1st score spawn rival spawned in when my region level was 2 with a score of only 326. Continuing on and now, at region level of 9 and score of 1724, i just had my 7th rival spawned in, all in Guerilla difficulty.