Region level went donw from 18 to 1 help

I started playing to day an saw that my region level was 18 an thought that soon i could fight the reaper. And then a few hours later i saw that the level had dropped to 15, and then only an hour later it had dropped down to 1. I dont know if this is a gamemecanick or what. If you hav some info plz tell me. If i hav misspelled some thin im sorry.

Did you destroy any Rivals?

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Yes i did. I think a destroyed like 6

There is your answer, killing Rivals makes the level drop fast.

But why tho. Thats just stupid

That is is really good question, it works somewhat reversed style.
It would be much logical that level drops if player dies. That way there is at least little risk vs. reward fighting those Rivals and Reaper.

Check this discussion, should have some help:

Since this is not a bug, I’ll be locking this thread.