Region Progression Guidance

While playing through the game in the most recent update and as a first time player I found it confusing as to which regions I should be exploring first. I ended up going to the Forest region, then exploring the North Coast region. While this doesn’t seem like an issue it does end up breaking continuity with the story and discovering the presence of Russian machines on the island. This is especially evident with the quest Foreign Machines which seems to have wanted you to explore the Northern part of the Farmlands leading you into the Marshlands first. I understand this is a open world game and you can do as you please but for new players who care about the story telling I think a more guided path through the regions would be nicer to the continuity.

It was weird playing a quest about the new Russian Machines when I had already seen them and done quests related to them in a different part of the map.

TLDR: Game needs a more emphasized guided region order.


Yes, I agree. It’s like with the region revamps.
Some of them are just for the detail and the beauty, but some should have been triggered by events (a finished mission with a following jump in time like “2 months later”… ).

There also could be some dependencies for some missions for a more conclusive order, even if it’s open world and you’re free to choose where to go.