Region reset lvl after reaching certain lvl

Hi everyone i noticed that i always get lvl 1 after reaching its maximum lvl… can someone explain why this happens? When region reach lvl 14 and get another lvl, it starts at lvl 1. Only Alpine region goes to lvl 20 and then go too from lvl 1. Am i doing something wrong? Or there is just lvl reset after reaching maximum. Im still looking for my LMG (month of grinding and still didnt dropped). Im not sure if i have to leave at least 1 rival in that region to have that lvl or it will keep reseting?

Are you destroying any rivals? Or does it reset to lvl 1 after destroying regular machines?

Level reset after reaching lvl 14 in common regions by killing ordinary machines or any rivals. If there is no cap lvl on region than u should have lvl 300 or more :smiley:

Region level drops whenever you kill a rival. Not sure what the max level is.

As for the Experimental LMG… I’m afraid it’s currently unobtainable. As far as I know it was only available as part of the timed event in March.

Just to confirm. The Experimental LMG is no longer obtainable according to the official Generation Zero Twitter account.

That is very bad new to me. I was trying to get that weapon whole march :(… anyway regions sometimes reset back to lvl 1 even when i am there

Yup. I hope they add it to the possible drops, even if it was really rare, it would be better than being unobtainable.


Region score increases as you destroy the machines in that region.

Region score decreases as you destroy the region rival(s).

And since rivals doesn’t stick to the region they are spawned in, following is common place:

  • spawn rival in Farmlands, e.g military tank
  • next time you log-in, that Farmlands military tank rival is in the middle of Forest region
  • you kill it while being in the Forest region
  • Farmlands region score will drop, not the Forest region, since the rival 1st spawned in Farmlands

Here are region max stats as well:

Spoiler alert

Max region level: 20
Max region score: 9611
Max rival amount in region: 8

i never reached lvl 20 in common regions. it mostly reset on lvl 14

Any game mods you are using? Since my regions max out at lvl 20.

My current region scores




South Coast



North Coast


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it resets in all modes. you can visit my game and see it on yourself that on my current kill ration i should already have lvl 20. also i have few regions near to reset

It would be interesting to see but i don’t have time right now, perhaps later? Also, are you on PC? Since cross-platform play isn’t feature in GZ.

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ok did some research and when i kill rival there are these stats:
lvl 1 drop 1-2 lvl from region
lvl 2 drop 2-3 lvls
lvl 3 drop 3-5 lvls
lvl 4 tank drop 5-15 lvls or reset completly region
lvl 4 harvester drop 3-5 lvls
lvl 4 Hunter drop 4-5 lvls
lvl 4 runner drop from 1 lvl to 6
all these tests were made in common regions…
im not sure if we make higher lvl cap, because leave region from 20 to 3 for example is too much big cost. just for killing 2 or 3 rivals

Looks normal to me.

Killing a rival, especially lvl4 rival, will drop the region score and level considerably.

I haven’t tested it but i’m confident that when i kill only 2x rivals in e.g Mountains region, my region score and level will be 0. Since i only have tanks as rivals and lvl4 FNIX tank rival will drop the region score and level a lot.


News: Rival tank (any lvl) reset region lvl.