Region Score, Reapers, and Adrenaline shots

So, I am attempting to spawn a reaper. I would like to know what the exact region score #/level I need in order to make the reaper tank appear, whether or not it only appears on certain difficulty settings, etc? Can anybody shed some light on this?

Regarding Adrenaline Shots, do they spawn more or less on lower/higher difficulties?

Adrenaline shots spawn is not influenced by difficulties.
You want a reaper?
Get a region with level 21 but it will not spawn if you have 8 rivals (max rivals).
You need to have less than 8 rivals.


So I reached level 22 with around 3 active rivals, and so far the Reaper hasn’t spawned. Any insight as to why this might be the case?

It is random spawn, continue killing robots and it will spawn

With region level at 21 (11.000+ score), there is a small chance that Reaper can spawn. The higher the region level (max 25), the higher the chance of Reaper spawning in.

This should fill in a few blanks.