Regular badge disappeared or?


Hi out of curiosity can you get this badge or any badge taken from you as my regular badge has dissapeared?Can anyone tell me why.


That’s weird. Have you checked and seen if you need to select the Regular badge for it appear next to your name? That being said I can’t see the badge on your profile either, but you have access to the Lounge. I’m gonna look into this.

Edit: I’ve bumped you back to Regular, let us know if this happens again.


Hi Xezr,it reappeared when you bumped me up.I now have visualition of the lounge again and the access to regular.
When i posted in the lounge i read one of the comments putting the badge to my name so i did.I went on holiday for two weeks come back and my badge and access dissapeared.
Thanks for aknowledging this.I dont post alot unless i have to,i like to read and keep up to date.
Thank you


the two weeks away voided your status, glad you got it back


Well thats embarrising lol thanks kakarron.