Rejected contest pictures

I took multiple photos for the contest but we could only submit one. now that it is over I thought it would be fun to post some of the other potential entries that I could not enter. I’m sure some of you also had pictures you would have entered if we could have submitted more, feel free to post them here.

i was here earlier in the game and from up here i saw multiple runners patroling the area, wish i could have gotten a pic of that,

smoke coming off of the downed machine made for a strange blurring effect
the pic i was going for before they attacked


I like the fifth one, sparks over and behind your guy crouching on the lighthouse staring at the corpse.

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Here are mine:


@kakarron The first one is quite intriguing, one would say a dog (Fallout Dogmeat ?) is close to a bunch of canned food, canned meat ?

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I prefer the handsome mysterious girl in some shady and worrisome environment., n°4.

@Bazyl, haha was thinking about Dogmeat when I took that shot,it’s probably not but in my mind the cans are dogfood