Relay Beacon Map

As there doesn’t seem to be one of these I thought of creating one. I have found maybe 40 so far but forgotten where most were. If people could add the locations I will collate them into a list and then add graphics to a map.

Give me co-ords if you can, or a brief description of location with a screenshot please.

Warning: Big Image:


Are the relay beacons fixed from the start? I have the impression that they can spawn to existence when you haven’t encountered one for a while.

Hm. Hadn’t considered that! It should be easily verifiable though if people have beacon positions that don’t agree with my map (I have added several already using the radio mast graphic). There are only 4 in the south archipelago in my game - did yours agree with those locations?

Honestly I can’t remember, and I can’t say for sure that all the beacons are not set from the start of the game. But I believe that I’ve returned to locations previously unoccupied by beacons that suddenly have one. I remember the positions of my last two beacons from yesterday, and I’ll find them for you tonight.

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My latest relay beacon was at Stavsudda Camp south east of Norrmyrra Artillery base. I’ve been there before but don’t recall seeing it then.

Thinking more about this I am now certain that relay beacons are fixed on the map and will appear in the same locations for everyone. Why? Because when you enter a new location it will say if there are relay beacons there, along with the list of collectibles/weapons/missions.

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Good idea to create a map. Maybe in the future even one with all the collectables and guaranteed weapon locations on it as well. :wink:

I have not seen a single beacon respawn since I started the game 2 months ago.

But remember those floating lights that fade away when you get closer? I’m now 100% sure those are from the beacons.

Here you can even see the light while the beacon is still intact (to the top left of the crosshair):


And here is the light from the beacon on your map:


It’s slightly off from your icon location and I could not find another light there in the bush. From an early save it seems they are both there at the same time:


I also checked several of the locations from your map and the floating lights are all there at the spots where the beacons should be (although they are all slightly off).

Even the very first beacon we all are forced to encounter has that light at that location (slightly less visible because of twilight):


O yeah … that “Loc” in the north of your map is actually “Beredskapsförråd 111”, as I found out when re-investigating that snow in bunker bug. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I had a Relay Beacon near Östervik in the Björkhagen area on my first playthrough.

There’s one at Nyhamnen, South-West of Ostervik, because I sniped it from the safe house at Kaptensvillen - it’s just down beside the road.

I can’t find that one either.

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I also had problems with the relays, I solved everything thanks to the DLC, the relays always regenerate in the same point and I was able to complete the collection. Obviously I speak of the new island, for the rest of the map I still don’t see them.

I found this beacon that’s not on your map