Relay Becons Re-appearing

Recently, after the new dawn update, ive had some relay beacons re-appearing on my map. ones that i know for a fact i have destroyed previously, such as the one at overby airbase and one south of hagaboda. no clue why they are re-appearing but ig its free field radios for me!

id like to add aswell, this only seems to be happening in the regions that were updated heavily in the new dawn update, north coast and farmlands :slight_smile: probally has something to do with it.

Idk why but for some beacons it has always been, for others not.

I always had the one in Östervik east of the church and the one north of Tylöveden home base reappearing. Every day some field radios for sure :wink:


lol fair enough. maybe different beacons respawn for each player? idk

Yeah, it seems random. Some people say they’ve never had one respawn, but I constantly see a couple specific beacons reappear every so often.

The one near Östervik that @Madchaser mentioned appears very frequently for me, just about everytime I’m in the area I see it functioning.