Reload while running


Dear Devs,

please give us the ability to reload our guns while we run.
I play Battlefield 5 and there it is standard that you are able to do that. Every time I play GZ I imagin how cool it would be to do that in here too.
Either give us the ability directly or it could be a skill. I would really like to see it implemented.



I dunno, the game seems to be aimed at more realistic fighting and reloading while on the move, while possible, isn’t easy and takes lots of practice to get good at. I’d say, maybe have each weapon class reduce speed differently while on the move. So say, with a pistol you get almost no penalty while moving whereas an assault rifle would add a bit to this and a shotgun or bolt action would slow you down even more. This is all while just jogging…sprinting while reloading would simply be silly.


Before the Big Patch you could reload while running and then they changed it after the Big Patch it was especially annoying for someone who developed muscle memory the old way. These Devs are a disappointment.


They just want a realistic game…sprinting while juggling magazines in and out of a weapon isn’t terribly realistic.


I disagree there are Guns that can be reloaded while running, you just want to play Devils Advocate and defend the Devs.


No, I actually don’t want running reloads. I want a more realistic game and not just another game with normal superman style shooter mechanics.


If you dont want it, you can still stop running when you reload even if you would be able to. Or if you get the ability by a skill, you just dont have to “buy” it.


maybe that is why ammo keeps disappearing from people’s inventory, you drop it while trying to reload and run.
but yeah i would like that ability too. as either a standard ability or skill to buy