Reloading bug related to Cykel (video demonstration)


Reload bug related to cykel , after riding the cykel the only way to reload your weapons outside of shooting through a whole magazine is to unequip the weapon.

Steps To Reproduce:
Ride cykel, no longer able to reload

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I’m playing on PC and so far this bug never happend to me.

Man the idea “this bug has never happened to me” is garbage and does not help. if you’re able to replicate the bug then do so and say so otherwise you are not helping the situation. Same for the grenade issue, the falling out of the world issue and so many more.

I did some testing with bikes on PC. No luck. It looks like the issue might just be console specific. Anyone’s welcome to prove me wrong, ofc. Feels like it might have to do with controllers or sticky control schemes but, I’m no expert :thinking:

This has happened more than once to me, and it’s been here ever since I got the game.

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It’s not that I’ve never used the bike before but it never happend. And all I want to say is that it is maybe a console exclusive problem

Thats fine but that is also why we list the version of the game we play on, they won’t check the pc version unless someone else is able to replicate it on pc to be efficient with their time.
It’s dismissive to say “this doesn’t affect me” and does not help the situation. @Zesiir testing it and clarifying does help.

What version do you play on simu? that would help a lot to list if the bug affects you too :slight_smile:

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Why do you react so pissed off?
My only intention was, that the devs don’t waste their time in check this bug on PC because it probably not a bug there.

I’m stating facts that’s all. And again as i said, that is why we list the version we play on.

I confirm sometimes it happens to me.
(PS4 version)
Before and after Rivals Update.

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PS4, same bug. Looting boxes/enemies helps, but still annoying to the point of not using bikes at all

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Is that another quickfix we can do? great to know thank you @OlegAn!

I play on PlayStation, same as you.

It happened to me on PC today. Namely, after getting off a bike I was riding, I could not reload my weapon. The only way was to empty the clip to trigger the auto-reload animation.

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Though i’m disappointed to hear it does in fact affect PC players, i’m happy you voiced up about it @bcatrek