Reloading my Turrets at a Base, cannot

PC Win 11, steam , RTX360, 16gb ram , I9 3.2 ghz, single player, or with 1 other player, same both ways.
Since this last update i attempt to check the status of my turrets at my bases and all i get is ***TEXT TEXT scrolling at all ammo locations.


I am experiencing this as well; this seems to happen with any reloadable structure, including the medical trailers and their stored medkits.

Same here
AMD 5800X3D and RTX3070
64GB Ram, Win11 v23H2 22631.3810
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Same here. I expect it will be fixed soon.

PC Steam.

I’m glad now that it’s probably a game error and not just me, phew I wanted to reinstall because I noticed it a few days ago in the topic -inventory-shows-9876543210-medical-value-inventory/46657?u=vati-544