Remote detonated traps

Says it all in the title really! I’d love to see some remote detonated traps or even traps using a trip wire for more ambush tactics


I‘m totally with you.

It should be possible to place some Gascontainers nearby cars and then remotabbly let them explode.

Think about it. You can build a trap with explosive and Gas Canisters then attract the Robots and hide in the house and then „Klick Booom them out of live.“

Its okay for me, if you only can remote trigger it when staying in a 200 Meter radius or Similar

Aslo it will be nice to have some kind of c4 with a trigger button or a timer ( :slight_smile: or both of them )

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We’ve already got mines, Nikin. That is effectively the same thing, but I’ve never seen an opportunity to use them that way. Oh, okay, once: two Hunters in the distance patrolling a road I was beside, but I hate Hunters so I hid instead (and I think it was before I had any mines).