Remove or Improve Kick Option

I would like to see the Kick Option either removed or updated…

People abuse the heck out of it all the time, I am almost level 30 and have done and owned everything and so I join others to help and to see what their upto, Maybe even make more friends to play the game with but then I get kicked for these reasons…

#1 The host doesn’t want people to join but has his or her game set to “Anybuddy”

#2 I’m too high of level or have better things than them

#3 The players roam in a vast open world but if you don’t do what the host wants your gone, Even if they don’t need you or if your just going across the map to get them something to help

Point is: There are only 3 reasons why a Kick Option ever!

#1 Griefing
#2 Abuse
#3 Needing room for other

But the Kick Option is being abused by 9 out of 10 people and it’s frustrating alot of people because most of the time you are kicked for no reason. We need it either removed or updated to where there has to be a vote by 3 out of 4 players so atleast then people can think before acting. The reasons above for kicking someone doesn’t even compute except for one the removal to make room for another but keep in mind this means that you should message the person asking to leave before kicking them or still abuse, because for example if you are trying to blow someone up you only waste your ammo, It takes many missiles alone to kill a player, Such a waste… besides almost everything in the game is randomly generated so it’s not like you can just know where to get more, and for placeable explosives you can just move away and you’ll be ok.

Anyone one who disagrees with this are more than likely one of the people that kick others for no reason to get a laugh out of it or other.

I’ve never experienced such thing but those people have their points, there are a lot of people that don’t like to get carried, specially in a game like this one, if someone is hosting a session that person has all the right to kick you because he or she doesn’t like something you did. If they kick you because you weren’t doing something they didn’t like they have a reason because the are the hosts, but this is my opinion because I consider the hosts as party leaders. I’m not trying to defend you or them, just sharing my opinion. You can always find someone.

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What you got to understand is that pretty much all the time people are getting kicked for no reason, The host does not give a reason more does he/she have one, They are just abusing the Kick because to them it’s funny. Atleast 9 times out of 10 I get kicked assoon as I even join the game, It’s not like they didn’t have it on Anybuddy Can Join they didn’t change it and that is their fault entirely and if they don’t want someone in their game and they did not know to change their settings it is still not ok just to kick someone, You must message that person and let them know. There is never an excuse to kick someone without reason.

It’s the problem with the game, I start my session and it doesn’t remember if I want somebody random or not. So I get it at the time someone joins cause I forgot to change it. So if I don’t want to play with the “rando” I kick him and switch for just invite.

And if the host don’t want you in the game, even if you remove the kick option, he will close the game and start new, so you are in the same place as before.

With an custom session creation system the whole problem wouldn’t be in the game, cou can write what you want to do, close it for friends or invite only and the one who has done everything can join and help directly. And with this we go directly online or play “offline” without someone joins.

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It is perfectly ok to want to play without people you don’t know but again it’s not about just people kicking you it’s about the abuse of the Kick Option, If you want to kick someone and you have a good enough reason then that is exceptional but if you just kick someone even if you just forgot to change your settings then it is never ok, Atleast not unless you tell that person why they are being kicked as it’s only the respectful thing to do. You wouldn’t mind if people kicked you at first sure noone does but when you get kicked all day round you wouldn’t like it either.

Then get some friends and play with them, it’s simple. It’s not abusing the kick, if they wanna kick you, they do it, if they don’t they don’t, it’s as simple as that… You can’t make a post just because you have this problem with random players. If you try a wall and you can’t, you either keep trying or find another solution…

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If your only kicking someone because you forgot to change settings than simply just let them know, I’m sure they will understand and some might even leave to help you out and if they don’t then kick them because atleast you tried to be fair.

The so called ‘‘abuse of the Kick’’ has to do with how people think and what they want and you can’t change, just try to get some friends to play Gen0.

It is abusing bud if your doing without reason are you even reading.

What’s the point of having a reason to kick you? They have their own reasons… Everyone has the right kick you because they don’t want you in their session. I don’t think it really is abusing 'cause it doesn’t benefit the host or ‘‘harms’’ you :confused:

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If someone kicks you for a reason like I agreed with you already than that is entirely fine. But as soon as someone kicks you with out reason or respect that’s when it becomes abuse of the kick option.

Dude you just don’t get it some people are just jerks and kick people because it’s funny to them you clearly haven’t been playing Xbox long.

I don’t even have one… You never mentioned that

I had to create an account on this forum to respond to you. You have no right to demand a reason from people who choose not to associate with you. Get over yourself and realize you are not the center of the world.


Totally agreed with you here. Being way too offended by getting kicked here, because I’m guessing 9 times out of 10 it is somebody who forget to change their settings from Anybody to Friends or Nobody. A very simple mistake because GZ is set to Anybody by default every time and most people aren’t use to changing that setting every time they log on.

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I think the point has been made on peoples thoughts regarding the issue. It’s getting repetitive. So with that being said I’m going to be closing the topic. Please keep in mind to respect other members we’re all here to play Generation Zero and have fun there is no need to be hostile, there is a way to go about doing things. A improvement would be changing the base setting to invite only.

Topic closed.