Remove the ammo in weapon system


Hi Devs,

the current game has the system that you put one pile of ammo in the weapon.
I suggest that you remove this system from the game.
The current system causes many problems like losing ammo and the easiest way is that the weapons directly takes the ammo from your inventory. This way you would remove the whole reason for bugs and probably many bugs in the future.
It would be beneficial for the players in regards of inventory overview. (well probably most players who spend a few hours in the game lern to remember the ammo pile in the weapon, so this is a minor advantage)
It would be very beneficial for the players in regards of inventory management. All GZ players know how annoying it is, when you find ammo for your weapon and first have to remove it from the weapon, stack it and put it in the wapon again.
To switch between the several ammo types we would need a system like the switching fire mode. So one key to cycle through the several ammo type that are in the inventory.
Question to all readers: How would you solve the problem of reloading every time you switch the ammo type?

The greatest disadvantage I see is that we lose one more inventory slot for each weapon but it would be a good compromiss for me when I think about all the advantages. Or maybe you could give us one additional column in our inventory ;-).

Would also fit to my suggestion about the Ammo type in our HUD: here

What do you guys think? Do you see more advantages or disadvantages?


The S.T.A.L.K.E.R series does this, and it works great. All you have to do is keep the ammo for your weapon in your inventory, and it’s equipped automatically. You can switch between different types of ammo with a hotkey. I agree that it would most certainly fix a lot of bugs related to equipping ammo.

I’m all for this idea, sounds great :slight_smile:


Changing the ammunition type in a weapon necessarily requires that you remove the existing ammunition and reload the one you want. Let’s not simplify it. Find a safe place for a couple of seconds and reload the stuff you want.

Otherwise we could make the weapon automatically select the right ammunition type for what you are aiming at, and the inventory could pick the right weapon for you as well. In fact why doesn’t the computer just play the game, and you watch?


Generation Zero would benefit more from just having separate stacks of ammo types you can switch to at will. If you want to reload each bullet manually, I can recommend the Arma 2 and 3 games.

I mean, you still need to reload a new magazine but it’s still much more convenient.


No you misunderstood me.
lets take the Rocket launcher for exampel, here we have 3 types of rounds (DPHE, Smoke EMP).
Lets say it cycles in this order and you have equiped the smoke and want to load the DPHE. You would press the swith key once and it would load the EMP. Now hit a second time while loading. Would you rather interupt the reload animation and start a new one for the DPHE or would you realisticly finish the animation and start then the second.
Third option is that at the end of the first animation the DPHE is loaded if you hit the key a second time while reloading.


I was being sarcastic. I think you need to plan every engagement, even if you are ambushed, and if you make a bad choice, you die. That’s the point. It doesn’t take more than a second or two, anyway! IRL you’d have maybe 5 or 6 x 7.62 mags loaded, and some spare rounds, and if you ran out, you’d have to reload an empty mag, if you’d been bright enough to pick up the empties!


An additional advantage would be that with such a system it would be easy to program that you automaticly switch ammo type if you run out of one type. That is very annoying when happening during a fight with a few hunters or tanks XD


Oh, I see, I’m sorry.

I think you load your first round. There are no “reloads” on the weapon. In your backpack you have various other rounds available, and you choose between them as to what to load. An 84mm Charlie G has no magazine! So as you fire, you get a graphic comes up showing you what available rounds there are to reload with - you click on the one you want and the animation loads that.

Might be a bit slower, but a Charlie G’d take you ten or twelve seconds to reload on your own!


+1 I like the STALKER ammo management as well.


Rocket launcher has 4 different types of ammo. H.E.D.P., EMP, Smoke, and Chaff. Found some chaff in the artillery dome.