Request: Ability to Write Notes on Map

I love the beautiful world of Generation Zero! I love exploring it and discovering things that are not on the map!

  1. I would love the ability to click on that spot on the map and add a note to write what I’ve discovered should I ever want to visit it again, and what can be done and found there.

  2. The ability to choose from the already provided icons that I feel would best describe the location.

  3. The ability to click on the icon and track it or create a waypoint for it (but tracking is better with the icon).

So devs, I hope you consider it! I think it will be really useful. Players can click on a spot where a weapon, collectable, etc, can be found in specific places in a town for example, while in-game (not having to leave it to reference something outside of the game).

And there are so many beautiful spots that I just want to revisit. The battles can be so stressful, but being able to return to and appreciate all the beautiful off-the-beaten-path locations really is relaxing and stress-relieving!


Take screen shots of the map and edit it with whatever photo editor you would like to add notes.

I want to be able to take notes in-game and not have to leave the game. Plus I want to be able to track back to it within the game.

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I use my laptop for view of the game map and have it next to me as I look for things on the map. But on PC, you hit WIN Key twice and you are back at your desktop. then bring up any file you would like. I do it all the time to copy and paste my game files after a major event like when a reaper spawning in the arena was a big deal. Now I do it when a level 1 rival needs to be destroyed but likes hanging with the level 4 rivals. Doesn’t always go as planned and so its an easy do over trick.

Either way you do it, you are not watching what is happening on your map if you are editing the map.

Well, I can understand this request.
I often wanted to mark spots of interest to find them again later.

Like a small needle sticked to the map, with a little note about what’s there.

It’s like I always wanted to be able to make a route to follow (more than just one waypoint/linked waypoints).

Well, it worked good without it… Just look for some landmarks and at the compass and go your way…

But sometimes I just want to go to a few locations in a specific order and a simple waypoint-system would help.


I like the whole idea of the adding personal notes on my map that when I pop open my map they are always there, fast, easy to see and edit. I was just suggesting how I do it now till something better comes along.

Edit: I added likes to show I DO like the ideas.

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That is basically why I started the Memory map, to remember all this things I have discovered and be able to find them again. It is an outside source though, but it serves my purpose well. :world_map: :coffee:


I really want an in-game feature that can track the locations. That way it would be super easy to find them again inside the game. Plus I would like the notes to be personalized to each individual player as they see fit.

The map is really nice work though and a nice reference to use right now!

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  1. The main takeaway for this suggestion is to be able to track a location in-game that isn’t already marked on the map.

  2. I also want to be able to write notes about ANY location anywhere on the map that is of interest to the individual player, not necessarily to every player.

For example. I ran into a hunter as I expected in a certain location. I was farming hunters for steel. I had my companion out and he was fine. But then a harvester came out of nowhere and killed my doggo! So I would like to make a note on the in-game map that this particular area has a harvester and that I need to consider whether I should let the dog out (woof! woof-woof-woof-woof!).

There are so many examples why it’s a good idea. Gysbert’s map is the most interesting version with all the interesting things on it.

But a simple personal version ingame would be really appreciated.

For example I would have marked locations where I can find lots of explosive gas cans. Or now where are fixed locations for fuel.

Yes, the random placement of machines is not so random and a number of areas on the map are known hot spots. After some updates those areas change so you have to hunt for where they were moved to. Not to mention how the terrain keeps changing with some updates.

It seems to be a great idea, would it be something you would buy if it were a future paid DLC? Not everyone would want it so to have it, it will cost you $$. I would grab it like I have on all the other DLCs.

  1. The update and DLC would have to have some sort of theme that would make adding this feature make sense. Maybe an update that adds in more exploration locations to discover? Hopefully the devs would have better ideas than what I just wrote, lol!

  2. It would be nice if the host’s map is readable for the rest of the co-op team so they can also read the host’s notes in order to coordinate their plans.

  3. Somehow be able to share your map with others? I might be asking for too much!

A personalised map would be nice, your own notes and individual :v:

One additional request from me is a performance upgrade for the map… Or a deeper look at why it behaves so laggy when more than one player opens it to place a waypoint.

This indeed would also be a prerequisite for more functionality for the map.