Request feedback from developers

I am a Korean user using the game in Korea.
I use google translate because my language is not english.

I recently bought the game ‘Generation Zero®’,
Fun to play in short time and multiple DLCs purchased individually.

It’s hard to play alone, so I’m trying to play multiplayer.
Allow anyone to enter multiplayer in options during singleplayer
I set it up, but nothing is going on.

Multi-matching is possible in the game waiting room, but matching is not possible.
I keep getting a message to try again.
Matching is attempted while changing multiplayer options, but matching is not possible. Is this an invitation-only multiplayer game?
Or is it a server problem? Or do you just buy this game and enjoy it?

Finally ask the developer.
It’s a really good game.
In Korea, many games using Hangeul are being released.
Korea is as much a mecca for games as Japan.
Many Koreans play games and use the Steam platform.
Request the official Korean patch.

When Hangul is patched, many Koreans will try to buy the game.

And are there any plans to release to other platforms?
Examples: xbox , ps4,5 , microsoftstore, swich, epicgames
If you support various platform releases and cross-play,
I believe that a wide range of people will buy it, and multiplayer will also be active.

Waiting for developer’s response.
thank you

It’s available on Ps4/5 and Xbox. But crossplay is not available except between Ps4 and ps5. And probably between pc and Xbox but I’m not sure.

  • PS4 with PS5
  • XBox One with XBox Series and XBox Gamepass for Windows
  • There is no crossplay with Steam or between the other platforms, as far as I know.