Request: Generation Zero Retro DLC

I would pay good money (new game level US$) for a DLC that took the game back to the state of the April 2020 update with all the new bugfixes.

  • Gonzo style AI without the bugs, although they should definitely pay attention to you for far, far longer than the current version where hiding for a couple volleys has them forgetting you were even there.
  • No control point mechanics, no base building.
  • No FNIX buildings.
  • All the ambient storytelling of the newer map.
  • Remove the army NPC you meet at the first bunker but keep the girl NPC.
  • Rebalance the loot tables to the older levels, less stuff in general but with the current crafting.
  • Go back to the quiet survival, mystery-solving gameplay the game started with.
  • Being able to lay prone and crawl.

That would be cool. An inventory look that resembles the old one would also fit in I wager.

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Going back to the quiet mystery survival whould be perfect


Personally find the game far superior now… I bought Gen zero at release and hated it, way to hard, really lonely and no story… so i uninstalled and put it on the back burner for three years…

A few weeks ago saw the DLCs were on sale so i purchased what i needed and decided to trial it again…

Well its like completely better now, i’m loving all the new updates, the npcs, although i wish there were more we could join up with, the story quests are awesome and i love the npcs talking to me. The DLCs are fun and made the game way better to play in all aspects.

I just want to say if the game hadn’t had all the updates you hate i’d have uninstalled and moved on by now but i’m playing every night instead.

I do agree with you! I liked the original aspect of GZ better as well.

But hey, you can crawl / go prone. Check your control layout. :blush:


Imagine you could use the delorean to go back to the time before Landfall or to April 2020 state of the game :grin:


I made the proposal ages ago to add the old April 2020 version as a beta release to Steam. I don’t know if the consoles offer a similar functionality, but at least on PC it would offer some variety for those that want to take a swing at it.

So, as far as I’m concerned: You have my vote :+1:


I 100% agree. It’s sad to see what the game has become, because it is clearly not what the vision for the original game was.

I’ve been playing the April 2020 update again and the AI is just so much more fun.
The map isn’t polluted with ugly FNIX structures that do nothing but hum and add nothing to neither gameplay nor world-building.

There is money in fast-paced action FPS with silly weapon skins and base building and it shows in the updates and DLC.
Hower, the game was special for what it was. I don’t want to take on 500 machines simultaneously and be Rambo. Let me be the underdog crawling through the forest, trying to scavenge and survive. Let the best course of action be to avoid getting into big fights, and when you do, make you pay for it.
That is what the original game had going for it.

I’d even go a step further and add the option to remove your GPS marker on the map and add a compass as an item, to make players learn the challenge of navigating visually and getting lost in the big and beautiful map.

I honestly think the devs threw away a special gem and tried to turn it into something it wasn’t, in an effort to compete with other games in ways it just can’t. The engine will never make it a good FPS base-building game with flashy skins and whatnot, but it has so much untapped potential in its original form.

Let us play the gem it was with the fixes you’ve applied since then, without all the bloat.