Request: sprinting longer

Really you compare game with robots/machines with real life?

Enemies in the GZ aren’t robots, they are machines.

GZ world is quite real with close to real world physical laws so, why not to compare it to the next best thing?

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Because this is game. The game is supposed to be fun.

That’s why we have large equipment which in real life we wouldn’t carry. That’s why we have medkits healing us which in real world we have one life and one health. That’s why in this game you don’t have to eat, and urinate. And many more.

We could sprint longer too. Sorry that you’re absolutely opposite.

Well, we already have a skill that gives us ability to sprint longer. Sorry if it’s not enough for you and you want to sprint even longer.

Though, bikes are good to cover distance since max speed of the bike is faster than sprinting with Run Speed lvl2 skill. Also, you don’t use any stamina when riding a bike.

Bikes are useless in tall grass and mountains.

Well, they are street bikes and that’s the idea of them. You’d need mountain bike if you’d want better off-road capability.

Devs made GZ with the intent of players walking the entire map. Bikes were included along the line due to the popular request of seeing bike props but inability to use them. So, devs made them a vehicle that isn’t OP and is good to be used only on roads. Since if you’d have a vehicle to zap across the map, you’d be skipping a lot of beautiful scenery devs had hard time making.

Btw, fastest way to travel is Fast Travel between safehouses, given that you’ve unlocked plenty of them. But you still need to hike to each and every one to unlock them in the first place.

Please don’t add more running capability. This is fine as it is. You run for a few seconds and then jog. That’s quite enough to get away from the machines.

I have a hard time understanding why everything has to be more then there is. The plundra needs to hold more, we should carry more, we should run more, the guns should have more damage etc. A game should have certain limitations otherwise it gets too easy and one might loose interest very fast.

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Running is bugged anyway…hopefully it will get fixed

There is a “feature” that lets you regain stamina when jumping.
Start running and jump every other second or so, your stamina bar will never get depleted. Running fast over long distances is a choice betwen listening to the heavybreathing/heartbeat or the sound one makes when jumping.

You don’t need to run. You can sneak all the time, and throw your shift keyboard button, but don’t be antipeople that are bored and irritated by this idiotic and frequent pauses of running.

Thank you for making me aware that I am not allowed to have my own opinion and have to ask you first if I am allowed to write something which might not be along your preference.

Game limitations always have a sense. Nobody can run forever especially not with almost 100kg in the backpack. A game that tries to be in an alternative but close to our reality needs to be at least somewhat realisitic in its behaviour.

This is a discussion board. People are allowed to disagree with the topic. Keep it civil.


I think the running limitations are intended primarily for battles, as infinite sprinting would kill the feeling of being encumbered while battling enormous machines. Which I think is one of the primary charms of this game.

OP never asked for Infinity Sprint or being a World Class Athlete, so whats up with these phrases?

a Teen is not supposed to be Immortal like this, just take a Syringe after Life is gone and be fine with it.
a Teen is not supposed to be a 1st Class Soldier that can carry alot of Ammo, Weapons like AI76, PVG90 or Rocket launcher neither Kvm 89/59 or even bunch of Grenades and Mines.
A Teen is not even supposed to deal with a Army of Robots wich a whole Military failed to fight.

So, what do you actually mean with “A Teen is not supposed to sprint a bit longer”
your disagree about OP’s request simply doesnt make any sense.

If A Teen can fight a Army of Mashines so why not sprint a bit more?


People also are allowed to agree with the topic. Keep it in mind.

My two cents on this -
Sprinting even on maxed stamina is ‘unrealistically’ quick. The player gets winded very fast, but if we were to go after what’s realistic and what’s not, half the game would not even be there.

Player speed is generally fast and sprint speed makes it cartoonish. Have you even looked at the co-op partner’s sprinting? Still can’t get used to the funny waddle at sonic speeds.

My personal request on changing things - Make sprinting longer, but also bring down the speed a little in general. Makes people consider bycicles more often and also makes it more ‘realistic’…
Now let me go and pull a rocket launcher out of my jacket to unload 300kg of explosive mass…

There have been requests for death penalty and i, personally, wouldn’t mind it. I even suggested one in here: Death Penalty When Dying

Yes, teen shouldn’t be able to carry loads of weapons and gear. The initial 50 slot inventory (with Carry Capacity lvl2) was more than enough but people wanted to be cargo mules and inventory limit was increased, twice, to the current 96 slots/units (with Carry Capacity lvl2). And even now, some people want to carry even more gear.

The current state of the game is very realistic and i love it. It sends the message of player not being the top dog over fast. However, the considerably harder difficulty doesn’t fit well with many people.

Like i said above, to sprint “a bit more”, Stamina Amount skill is for that. If the skill is maxxed out then you have to accept that.

It’s like when asking for your weapon to hold more ammo in the clip. For that, there are mag extension mods.
E.g does it help when i say: “It is VERY IRRITATING that .50 cal holds 10 rounds. And i request 2x more ammo in mag by default.” ? :eyes:
I don’t think so. With 5* mag mod, i can bring the round count to 18 and i’m happy that my weapon holds more ammo over base level, despite the final number not being a round one.

GZ is designed as a slow progress game, hence the limitations on movement and no drive-able vehicles in the game. It’s something to keep in mind. If you can’t stand the slow progress/movement, then perhaps GZ isn’t a game for you.

i’ll just take it as you Avoid the Point in whole on purpose.

no comment.-

Since certain people can’t behave despite being told, I’m locking this one down.


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