Request: Swedish flags for your base

I think it whould be a good adition to base building and it is lore friendly. Whould be awesome to see it wave in the vind over our bases. And maybe one for placing on walls too?


Now that you mention it, the Swedish flag really doesn’t appear that often in the game. Only time I remember seeing it is on the side of the Vräken planes. It’d be cool if one of the military jackets had the flag on its shoulders.


Good idea. Or the three crowns national symbol.

I did see a flagpole at sundesby camping and thought raising a resistance or Swedish flag would be cool

It could be a daily assignment or a mission. Raise a flag to let the world know we are still here fighting.


Like it whould also show what nationality the resistance is. And lore wise it whould probably feel good for the survivors to know that they are still fighting for their home.

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