Required Missions

I’m planning on doing a speed run of Generation Zero and I’m pretty sure these are the required missions in order for an any% run, so please correct me if I’m wrong it would help alot!

-Sanctuary> The Farm >The road to Salthamn> The Home Team-> Vesslan> Over and Out
Uttern Bunker > Radio Silence
Hermelinen > Science of Deduction > Empty Spaces > Wrench in the Works
Hermelinen > Loud and Clear
Loud and Clear + Radio Silence + Over and Out > Enemy of my Enemy
Empty Spaces + Wrench in the Works > Behind the Curtain

I’m not sure if the entire Sanctuary to The Home team route is necessary for Vesslan and If Wrench in the Works is unlocked only from empty spaces, so would be great if I could get any confirmation on those, and any other issues being noticed would help loads.

Have you tried starting with Behind the Curtain on the wiki, and following the prerequisites back to Sanctuary?

I have, but the wiki is wrong on a few of them, so I can’t be sure. For example, I says that Road to Salthamn, The Farm, Break of Dawn and Sanctuary are all neccesary to do Vesslan, while you only really need to do The Home Team.

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