Reset Quest by kicking them out of Log or leaving the area


Hi guys.

We have a problem with the Quest “To the Lighthouse”.

We discovered the Lighthouse, before we got the Quest from Dr. Peterson’s house in Sillavik.
After we got the Quest, we traveled to the Lighthouse by fasttravel and killed all the maschines around the house.
But the Questtracker stopped at:
Destroy all the machines patrolling around the house!
The host found the key, examined the room and got the journal of Dr. Peterson.
Nothing happened. QUest is still active saying Destroy all the machines…

Now we changed to “my game”, so I will be the host. This time we moved to the lighthouse by running from Lysehamn tro the Lighthouse Hisingafyren.
Questtracker changed to: Destroy all machines…
We destroyed and Questtracker changed to find the key to the locked room.
As we go on everything changed normal and I was able to finish the Quest.

I’ve read some issue’s in the game^forum and I think, there might be a problem, if you fasttravel into a triggered area - like the lighthouse. Quest changed from “Find Dr.Petterson’s house” to “Destroy all the machines” if we were close to the house - maybe round about 50m.
Can’t you reset the Quest’s if you leave the triggered area without finishing.
Can’t you give us the solution tokick a Quest, so it might be reset to the beginning?

Why can I travel into a bunker, without ever discovered them but joined a multiplayer game?
Can’t you disable fasttravelpoints like the bunker or the lighthouse if you didn’t discovered it by yourself?
Hope you find a solution.


I believe safehouses on your map are based on what the host has unlocked in their game + what you have already unlocked. Likewise if a brand new player joined and you were the host, they would be able to see all of the safehouses that you have unlocked on your map. This is kind of a way to exploit the system as a brand new player, so I agree it is an issue. This is all from my personal multiplayer experience, so if anyone is seeing things differently than I am then please share your experiences on this topic.

The missions are definitely bugged though, hopefully we see that resolved in the June update :slight_smile: There are quite a number of missions that have the potential to get bugged out while playing through the game and it seems to sometimes be consistent, while other times it doesn’t happen to everyone either.


I understand that it’s a exploit for new players coming to the game, but want about experience players that started a new game/second character that want to level up quickly.