Resistance fighter goggles

Hey last night i killed a hunter i believe apoc or fnix i cant remeber now lol and when i looted i was so surprised a new i guess item of clothing well glasses …resistance fighter goggles
where did that come from and why i have never seen them in all these years i figured i got every clothing item and color combo by now …what are these goggles and are there any new clothing items still…

They’re from the Resistance Fighter set that made a return this year, last seen during the 2022 Anniversary event for the game.

cooool will there more in the set or others ? and if u can have a look at my other post from yesterday i edited it a bit today …im confused by that stuff lol you seem really gen zee smart so thats a plus good avise :slight_smile:

There is more to this set, yes. Iirc there is a Jacket, Helmet, Glasses (you have these), Pants and Boots

thx and could u have a look at my other post and give some advise id like to be at 100 percent but its not showing on those collectibles
can u advise me on that post please :smiley: