Resistance Heavy Bow, Vission Modules missing

Xbox Series X

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I can no longer attach vision modules to my Bow. Please fix ASAP. Only began happening after today’s update.

I also still don’t see a way to turn off aim-assist. Seems like a bug, as every game with aim-assist has the option to turn it off.

Thats not a bug, this is intentional. Placing the vision modules on the bow sight was the bug which they fixed.

Uh… what? The Vission Modules missing from the Bow’s customization menu is definitely a glitch.

No, read the update log.
I’m sad about that, too, but if it wasn’t intentional…

I’m truly not comprehending this. How was having a Visual Module on the Bow a glitch? The only glitch I noticed was that it didn’t visually appear on the Bow anywhere. Otherwise, it worked and functioned fine.

Hell, if these devs knew what they were doing, then they’d just give us goggles, or something, that can toggle these vision modes. Why even have this feature exclusive to scoped weapons? Just let us equip the modules via customizing our “Head,” or “Eye Wear” and bind them to d-pad left, or something.

Since this concerns an issue that was fixed, I’m closing this report.