Resistance jacket not reaching wrist (characters floating hands visible)

Just a minor nitpick, hopefully easily fixed by the team!

You can see that the sleeve doesn’t reach the wrist the full way so you can actually just see through the gap to the snow on the other side.
Doesn’t seem to be an issue with the resistance jackets that have belts, just the plain jacket, have yet to test on other colors but i’m currently wearing the black jacket in this pic.

Definitely not a priority fix, but thought i’d throw this the teams way just so they are aware. :smiley:


Kind of makes me wish wrist items were a bit lower (like actually on the wrist) to hide it :wink:
But I’m sure this is one of those things that gets ninjapatched in sometime in the future.

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Oh definitely will be! Just like the few other vanity clipping issues we’ve seen get ninjapatched away :grin: So glad i can wear von ulmers coat in peace now! Wouldn’t mind it if our character some day in the far future could have solid arms though, but again that’s very low priority in the grand scheme of things :slight_smile:

Wait, we have no ARMS?! :scream:

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Haha nope! We’re just a floating head and a pair of hands, sorry if that breaks the illusion man! :joy:

It further strengthens my suspicion that all this is just a virtual experiment. Perfectly explains all the disappearing machines. And a WHOLE LOT of other things.

Plot twist this is all just metal gear solid vr sims