Resistance Report - 2024-02-16: 60FPS lookback and our plans from here

Greetings, Survivors!

I am so happy to say this: The 60FPS patch on PS5 is FINALLY out. I’ve talked before about how difficult it is to optimize any game for any console, and that is amplified by trying to make it run at a specific frame rate consistently. Feedback to the update has been super positive, which is so good to hear! We are glad to finally put this behind us and move on to our other plans for the year. So what happens now?

Our plans

The internal roadmap for 2024 is still under construction. This is mainly because we have a lot of things that we want to do and not enough time to do it all in this year, so we’re prioritizing and setting goals. Right now, our focus is on bringing you things that you (the players) have been asking for and that we haven’t been able to implement so far.

We’re already making great progress with the next update. It’ll be aptly titled “Community Requests Update” and we’re using it to introduce some much requested features and Quality of Life improvements. It’ll also come with another slew of crash fixes, stability improvements, and a fix for the new “clicking sounds” audio issue.

You may wonder “But Carni, what are those much requested features and improvements?” and for that, I got out my old poem writing skills (anyone remember the 3rd and 4th GZ anniversary on Discord?) to give you a hint towards one of the changes:

In every safehouse I can be found
In the corner, on the floor, or right there on the ground.
My goal is to help you and lighten your load,
In the past, though, often I just overflowed.
Now this update will have a good change inbound,
So you may run freer and longer around.

You may discuss the meaning of this with the class after the session.

We’ll talk more about what’s in the Community Requests Update all across social media soon, so be sure to follow them for some hints! I’ll be sure to make them extra cryptic.

Lunar New Year Event

In case you haven’t seen, the Lunar New Year event is still in full swing in Generation Zero!

You can get this amazing jacket (that’s not marketing speech, I just genuinely love the design) and a beautiful companion skin from Tanks, Harvesters, Firebirds, and Wolves. Also, you can get a new type of fireworks from containers like backpacks and suitcases.

Semla Event

On top of that, our annual Semla event is also currently active. You can loot the tasty treat in kitchens all over Östertörn and if you find 4 of them, you get a special hat.

Both of these events end on February 24th, so until then: Happy looting!

Thank you for reading this Resistance Report and I’ll talk to you again soon. In the meantime, please join the Discord server! It’s a cool place.

The Swiss German word of the day is “äuä” [ah-waah].

It’s mainly used in the canton of Bern, where our capital is, and is a way to express emotions like disbelief, discontent, surprise, or disappointment. The meaning depends on the intonation. Much like “huh”


Great news so far.
I would have wished to hear something new about the skill revamp, mountain region revamp or something else… You talked about more narrative recently.

Excuse me, but really? Another plundra expansion?
Let me quote you :sweat_smile:

Yes, many may have asked for it, but most are just too lazy to manage their stuff. Instead I would have liked to see an updated skill-system… Or some changes for the inventory, like changed weights for all items and especially weapons. Oh, there are so many ideas in my head, but just more space is the last thing that would have come to my mind. Excuse the critics, I’m aware that it’s just my personal opinion and others will think different about it.

I just think it’s a barrel without ground. Just a few months from that change on there will be the next requests for just more space…

Finally, I’m still excited what else is on your list for this year.


As of now there are a lot of new weapons and pieces of equipment that did not exist the last time we had a plundra expansion.
It makes sense to adjust it now.
Nevertheless we dont know how and what they are going to change.
They are also supposed to update the skill system, unless they dropped that for some reason, so its still probably going to be changed later on.


Yes, and it’s still possible to play without needing more space. You don’t need to store all you can find.

And it doesn’t have to be possible just because I want more stuff that I’ll never touch again. You know?

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it’s not gonna be just a simple Plundra upgrade :thinking: it’s not gonna be anything anyone will guess correctly, they will Surprise us with something no-one will expect, lockers, phanny packs, :face_with_monocle:, airport luggage, ammo crates, :blush: who knows, maybe the phanny packs already in the game with have schematics to upgrade to store

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The skill revamp is still far out, as we’re currently working on other things, but it’s on the horizon :slight_smile: I’m not aware of any plans around the mountains revamp at the moment, again we have to heavily prioritize. I’m sorry you’re frustrated about the possibility of us adding more storage space, but you have to consider that we make decisions on what we add based on community feedback AND the numbers we see on our side. You may not like one change, but if the majority of players will, I think that’s a worthy change:) And worry not, we have some other neat things as well that I’m sure you’ll like


Thx for your kind words.
Like I said, that’s just my opinion regarding the storage. I’m sure that there will be more stuff that I’ll like, but now I’m just more excited :wink:

Any plans about when (month/season) we could possibly expect the next update which isn’t just a hotfix?

Are you aware that one of the procedual missions (the radar thing) is taking place at a location in mountains region which got some changes after the introduction of bases in southcoast region (probably as preparation for a mountain region revamp), but obviously wasn’t fully rolled out as some structures are missing?

There are some reports of the location/mission.

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I can’t give you an ETA for the next update yet as some things still need to be tested before we can decide on a date, but we want to get it out before the 5th anniversary. Whether that will be possible is still not 100% sure but we’re making excellent progress. Yes, I’m aware of the changes that were made to the mountains region


Can you guys please fix the random crashing on PS4/PS5? It will crash out of nowhere, forcing the game to close. Very frustrating…

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just a quick question will the weight loot decreasing increasing be fixed ?? id really like to know cause im looting and all of a sudden it says im at 74 when in fact im at 80 something then it jumps into 90s 80s next thing i know im a lil overweight its glitched . Are you guys aware of this its been happening since December I also including a video in one of my posts . I just need some reassurance that you guys are aware and this will be addressed soon please :))



I did some tests now, because I never noticed this difference. Well, I never looked for it, yet.

I compared my weight shown in inventory screen with the weight shown at every single loot box.
I always had a difference of 0,750kg.

I thought it could maybe be because of the skins of three of my carried guns. They are invisible in every screen, but maybe could have a weight that isn’t counted in every screen. I picked more guns with skins, but no change.

Then I took a look at every single item in my inventory, how this difference could be explained.
None of my items had a weight of 0,750kg.

@SR_Carni (for the case you didn’t know yet):
Only solution could have been a combination of three weapons expansions, which all have a weight of 0,250kg.

Every attachment in my inventory was unique, except the full vision modules, of which I had three.
So I picked up another one out of my plundra, went to a loot box and compared again the weights:
Now I had a difference of 1,000kg.

So the reason for the difference is having multiple of the same not-stackable items (I guess same by name, independend of class) in the inventory.

So if you killed 5 harvesters and took all the 4c AG4 of them, their weight wouldn’t be counted and therefore when opening a loot box the difference to your real weight caused by them should be 10,000kg (if you don’t already have another AG4 or other not-stackable items of the same type that would add to it).


I have no.idea what u.mean . Its quite simple when i had 70 weight it would slowly increase 72 75 80 82 etc etc but it jumps around decreases increases . Example is i have 90 weight i open backpack i pick.out a firework and weight goes down from.90 to 88 then diwn to 80 i shouldnt lose weight .lmao …anyways i have a video ypu can see it there its from December and .others have complained bout this too. I hope they fix it .


Its a new bug.
Its new since the last update.
For some reason the weight remains in error while you are transfering or getting rid of stuff.
From my experience It will however be back to normal when the operation is terminated, so its not gamebreaking bug, it just shows an incorrect weight during looting operations.


Has anyone gone and payed their respects for “The Wyvern King” yet, I saw it on the NG stream yesterday and was touched by the kindness of Systemic Reaction to put the booth in as a reminder of the good times I had while watching their Generation Zero Series!


Or “Uncle Thick” for those who have heard or seen Neebs Gaming’s GZ series


Cool. Where is it?
I loved these episodes and hoped for more after landfall update…

There is so much more to make funny things with.

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Yes, I have seen this. Very cool.

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You can find the little shop booth in Ostertorn, travel to the church safe house and head east until you get to a gas station near the end of town, it is between the gas station and a garage. Inside you will find picture frames containing his Uncle Thick Character, the Spreadshirt Shop in Salthamn, and the thumbnail of their finale video along with his original customized weapons and 4 wearable Neebs Gaming and Thick44 t-shirts.

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