(Resistance) scarf gone after January patch?

With no lak of interest in other games I started up GZ again and been playing hours without any CTD (?!) but something was missing…
Took a while to realize that the (Resistance) scarf I had over my face over the face was gone. Every profile had a different colour so I could easy remember skill set chosen.

Even unshure about the name now, Resistance scarf, but I can’t see any scarf/bandana/handkerchief in my profile inventory now that covers the face?

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It’s still ingame, I got one the other day. It’s under Eyewear, for some reason.

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Was worried for a moment there!

Did also found another like 2 weeks ago, but suddenly non of my characters had one equipped.

How or where do you find a resistance scarf or is is dlc?

It’s a random clothing drop, no DLC needed.

Is it really? Since i am under the belief that you need to have Alpine Unrest DLC for that and you can get it only when battling in Himfjäll. :thinking:

E.g here’s a screenshot of my yesterday’s MP session. The rival apo tank we took down was located in Himfjäll, containing schem and resistance bandana:

What you do not need DLC for, is Experimental set, since you get those from any Rival. But for Resistance set, you’ll need Alpine Unrest DLC and be in Himfjäll.

Now that I think about it, I think you’re right. Could’ve sworn I’ve seen it before Alpine Unrest, but I may be wrong.

Thanks been looking for a good face mask for my military ish look, the gas mask isn’t worth the reduction though. Wish there was a only cosmetic one

uh hey just wondering where can i get the scarf and what it is under

“Resistance” stuff usually drop on Apocalypse class machines.

It’s getting requirements:

And you can find it under Apparel → Eye wear.