Resistance texts used in the game

In the game there are instances where the resistance wrote the words “STICK!” in big red or purple letters. But I am wondering for who the text was meant. I can’t imagine it was to deter the machines. Not sure if machines can read, or can be deterred.

I asked a member for some Swedish meaning, use and insight.

”Stick” is a somewhat harsh expression to tell someone to get out or leave.
It is probably some old slang term. (Stick! = leave!, sticka = to leave, stack = left)

Another word that I am unsure about its meaning is the word “säkerhet”. I have only seen it twice. Its meaning is Security or safety. But because it’s on the boarding around the camp its context is limited. What do you think how it is meant?

In the same vein, how do you interpret the word “Hjälp” on the church? Is if offering aid, or asking for help?

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As I speculated in our conversation @Gysbert, I have a feeling that the ”Säkerhet” signs by the resistance camps may be some sort of misinterpretation. (Which on the other hand would be a bit funny since it’s a swedish game.)

It’s like it’s a direct translation from ”security” in the terms of ”security checkpoint” into just ”säkerhet” but that’s just not right.

It’s a bit confusing to be honest. :slight_smile:

It could be that it means safety, to show any wandering people this is a safe haven.

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Säkerhet means Safety, yes.

Sure, but it doesn’t quite makes sense like that. Nuances but still…

Let me add another pic to hjälp us see the nuances…
Here the sign is not easily seen by people in need for safety. Here it might mean security, but it feels superfluous on a resistance base, where only resistance fighters are.

It’s almost used as a slogan.

I’m swedish. But haven’t played for months besuase it’s unplayable on PS4 so I dont’t remember the signs or locations.

But I’d say that säkerhet means a safe haven. Or it used to. Just look at all zombie movies where the government set up safe ares for people. When it’s over run by zombies the signs are still there. When you run for your life you don’t care about the signs you leave hanging.

And for help. I think that sign is for signaling that there are people here in need of help.

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