Resolution is stuck

Fixed it heres how for future reference if theres people like me:

I downloaded AMD Radeon display driver by installing the processors that replaced everything, now everything works like a charm
ah, thank the lord.

I’m running generation zero off of an IMac (running off of bootcamp to have a 2nd OS on this computer)
when I got generation zero it was working fine until I had to reinstall windows due to off-topic issues and when I got generation zero back its resolution is stuck at 3840x2160.
my computer cant handle 3840x2160 and above (my screen resolution goes up to 5K)
and I try lowering it but nothing happens (while my game is lagging to death) for some reason the game is acting like 3840x2160 is the only resolution setting there is
I turned on dynamic resolution to automatically adjust it but it ain’t doing anything

also I cant simply ignore this because my computer lags so much when I start loading the world that my computer closes it (also takes up 120% of my CPU because of the resolution problem)
I don’t really wanna try reinstalling the game again because I spent a Saturday already reinstalling it.

I would love any assistance because I am planning to kill 5 apocalypse class tanks.

P.S: Launch Options doesn’t work either, I already tried setting the game to 1920x1080 resolution

by the way I know running on a mac to a windows for generation zero is not causing the problem

UPDATE: I installed ROR2 and Subnautica: below zero back and apparently they’re having the same issues

apparently Steam and/or my windows side of my computer is not detecting any other resolution

There is a settings.json file located in documents/avalanche studios/generationzero/saves/settings/randomnumber/settings.json
You can try to remove that file or change the resolution values in it.

a very good idea indeed
it works but the game still lags
but for some reason when I set the game to 1920x1080 resolution in the file it still lagged my game and the game showed it was still max resolution, it only really changed the window and I know this isn’t a graphics problem

I also deleted it and launched the game
apparently the default resolution is 3840x2160

the problem is I cant switch the default resolution for windows because its greyed out
it always reverts back

and the option to change my display resolution is greyed out (not sure if that would make my default resolution go down if I turned that down.

Yeah I won’t be much help on this… but.

Once when I played around comparing ULMB and Gsync my screen after got stuck on ULMB whenever i launched the game. No settings in Nvidia panel or .json would let the game start in any other mode then ULMB.
My screen cant show ULMB at above 120Hz so i even tried launching the game at 144 and 165hz instead but it still kept reverting to 120hz ULMB upon launch.

I’m not sure what i did to fix it but i guess, cleaning out GPU drivers and uninstalling/installing unplugging/plugging monitors finally got it working again.

I only have 1 monitor and everything on windows is fresh
Thanks for telling me about the settings folder though, that may help with ideas

edit: apparently I don’t think steam is detecting my computer right
the only resolution for any steam game is that resolution that lags me out

I tried updating my “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter”, rebooted my computer and tried it out afterwards and didn’t work

this is so annoying and I have no idea what to do.

Hi noahz your display info first line should be showing your graphics card info but its not. here is an example of mine for my main display that i play games on

as you can see my graphics card is listed. plus the screens refresh rate is limited to 60 frames per second but on your it is 1hz (1 frame per second) what pc are you running on?

lol i just read thread properly. im an idiot for not.

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its all good
also I’m running on an iMac running windows 10

My main display didnt properly install so I downloaded AMD display driver and now it works

thanks for tryna help incase it didnt work anyway lol