Resources from trees TIMBER!

I find very interesting the fact we can obtain wood from small trees.
But there is an issue.
1 wood unit per tree does not seem ok for me.
Maybe 4 or 8 units would be a balanced change?



Indeed. I feel the trees are scarce, so more units from each one would be most welcome.


The minimum wood I get from backpacks and toolboxes is always between 4 and 12, so yeh we should get a bit more.

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In the latest newsletter, they wrote this:

  • Wood is now harvestable in places you would expect to find it. For example, you’ll find this sapling when running through forested areas.

    This is the first step we’re taking to iterate on materials you find in the world. There will be more to come!

So it looks like there will be better sources of wood in the future, and when that happens, getting 4 or 8 wood from that tiny little tree will probably seem even more odd than it would now. I’m surprised it’s possible to get even 1 wood from it! Recall that a single piece of wall costs 4 wood and compare the amount of material in it with the size of that sapling…

Then again, it also makes 0 sense that the material for anything you can build your base with fits in your backpack, so…